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Viperajb 08-13-2014 03:53 PM

WARNING about rotecniks also called turn again
Just to let you all know what I've been through with this garage in reading grazley Owned by a guy called Gary , my text to him after dealing with my car, taking over 4 months to fit a turbo avoid this garage.
You have really pissed me off even asking for more money, treating me and my car the way you have done you cheeky idiot , I have at least 8 people that will verify and stand up in court on my behalf, including my mate who owns a garage that told me shortly after you put an mot on my car that it shouldn't of passed, because it had a hole in the chassis that I had to have welded. The turbo place told me, the customer, that you were a joke in not paying your bills until really late and the turbo you sent in was shit and had a cracked housing and a fucked gasket that should of been thrown away , you advertise as a specialist garage when you go through more staff then a whore goes through condoms, who are all trainees , one of your own staff members said he was surprised I haven't already hit you, and that he was the only one who really knew what he was doing in that garage, as the rest of them including you , haven't got a fucking clue other members of your staff said you were a knob that didn't know what your doing and far too expensive and was leaving to do his own thing, when you also charged me for an exhaust that lasted a week before it fell apart , I took my car to a friend that told me it was a piece of crap and rusty as hell and you hadn't even put the cat pipe to it, just cut it and left it dangling, said you didn't know what you was doing . Also will stand up for me, so please please take me to court you waste of space, and watch what happens, and don't think I'm not going to put this on every forum out there explaining what your all about , if I find anything wrong with this car in next few weeks I'm coming back to see you for you to give me back some money, after 14 years of owning the car I'm getting rid of it because of you and your shit service, I have receipts from you and other garages that have had to repair work shortly after you had done such a crap job, realistically you owe me money for all the jobs I have paid you and then had to pay out again because of your poor work. If I go to trading standards I'm sure they would happily bring your business to its knees.
Would not take your car there

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