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Default Knowledge, Experience and Serious Opinions needed
Hi there Guys,
Well First of all sorry for my poor English,
I just need your help on this. My car is 99+ spec fd and is sitting around 1and a half years now. The reason was a blown apex seal. All this time I made o lot of very serious plants about a setup for my needs. So i allready throw a lot of money on this and now I really need your help from all of you and your knowledge and experience. I will need serious Opinions on what you like and what you don’t. How much whp I can make, what fuel pressures are correct, boost pressures, even opinions about where I can find some good maps through net for tuning for my setup.
Ok my mod’s now are,
1) 13B New rebuilt engine with pineapple street port and exhaust ports opened. Rotary aviation full rebuilt kit with the water o-rings upgraded + black super apex seals. Crankshaft , irons, housings are used in good condition + new rotors straight from Mazda Japan. All bearings of shaft and rotors new. Polished inlet of throttle and greddy elbow
2) HKS t4 V band single turbo short manifold.
3) Trust Greddy 46mm wastegate
4) Greddy type rs blowoff
5) Garrett Vband Gt4088 journal modified by YIYITO with A/R hot side 1.05 cold side .65
6) Kg parts fuel rails for front and rear with 2 x 120 lb Lucas low resistance injectors front and 2 x 160lb Bosch low resistance injectors rear. 4 resistors and Aeromotive regulator.
7) Twin stock fd nipondenso fuel pump setup with 8AN supply line stock 6AN return line. Rewired for 13+ volts each. Is it better for single Bosch044 setup?
Power FC z0006 with commander
9) 3bar map sensor
10) Apexi boost control for power fc or profec b spec 2? Or any other better?
11) AEM water methanol injection. I will use water.
12) Hks twin power
13) OS GIGEN twin plate clutch
14) Hks 10” core intercooler. The intercooler is for front down placement but after I’ll finish I will make the room for v mount setup
15) Straight 3.5” exhaust downpipe from front to the rear Japanese custom made dual tip 3” racing end
16) Racing polyurethane engine mounts from Japan
17) Ngk iridium spark plugs R6754 Racing 2 x 9’ and 2 x 11’
All about handling are:
1 2 x work cr kai 8.5” with yokohama advan ad07 235x40x 17” front and 2 x work cr kai 9.5” with yokohama advan ad07 265x35x 18” rear
19) Autoexe tower brace set kit for gearbox to sashi and for rear stock lsd to sashi
20) Autoexe full brake kit with divided 2 piece disk
21) Greddy Red suspension with Damper Remote Controller unit
22) 2 x Racing Japanese outer steering tie rods + 2 racing ball joints.

All what I can think for now are all these. 99% already got them. If I remember for anything else I will post it. Well what are your opinions for this setup? What is good and what is bad or wrong for this? How much whp and torque I can make on what boost and fuel and WMI pressures?
All help will be appreciated and useful.
Thank you all
What is the best tuning maps for these and where I can find them through web? I mean who is the right person too tune my car through web for this setup?
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