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3rd Generation 1993-Current Discussion

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Default FD stalling after stepping on it. Help!
Hello everyone. Let me start off by saying I am another newcomer to the rotary world. I bought a 93 rx7 FD in Florida with a single turbo conversion that makes around 300 to the rear wheels. (I can attach a parts list upon request). It has around 130k on the body and 6k on the rebuild. He rebuilt it himself but he had owned rotaries for many years and seemed to know what he was doing.

Well it drove awesome in Florida for the couple days I had it down there and as soon as it got to Illinois is started having troubles. Ill try to keep the description as short as possible.

The first time I drove it it wouldnt get quite up to operating temp (160). I gave it a little bit of power in 3rd gear and as i pushed down the clutch and came up to a stop I noticed the engine was off. It was a bit hard to start and was just driving really rough and stalled a couple more times while I was trying to gimp it home. I waited a couple days till it was warmer and took it out again while connecting my laptop to the ECU to get some logs. It started great but didnt want to hold an idle on its own for the first few minutes. However, once it held its own idle and got to operating temp, it drove great! I drove it a couple more times over the next week with only slight issues (occasional rough idle, bogging down on idle) Until one night...

It started fine at first then while it was idling it randomly died. It didn't want to start easily after that. When I would finally get it to turn over it would let out a little backfire and I could heavily smell gas. I finally got it on and holding a stable idle then whenever I'd push the gas pedal the RPM's would dip down to the point it almost stalled before bouncing up to where I was actually holding the pedal, if that makes sense. While driving it the AFR was reading higher than normal as if it was running too lean yet it was backfiring a lot and smelled strongly like gas so I dont think it was actually running lean. My thoughts were that the o2 sensor might have been throwing inaccurate readings to the ecu. Making it think it's leaning out when it's really not, thus causing it to dump too much fuel. That could be fouling up my plugs and causing them not to fire properly. I changed my plugs, deflooded, changed and calibrated my o2 Sensor and took it back on the road. It seemed to be driving great until I tried to give it some beans. As soon as I got off the gas the car stalled again. I had to pop start it to get it going again and for the rest of the drive home if I pushed the clutch in I had to hold my foot on the gas or it would stall. I made it back home and got it to idle by itself but it was idling at like 450 RPM’s and sounded awful. Like it was only running on one rotar. I started it the next morning to see how it sounded and all sounded smooth and fine.

I dont know what do to or what could be causing this. I really would like to get this up and running as summer has arrived and Id love to drive my new car!! Any suggestions or comments are incredibly appreciated!
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