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Default Removing Your Dash
Right now im the process of removing the dash so, that I could remove all ac components. Im also doing it so that when I get my engine, I dont have to remove everything in order to do the eco swap.

So here goes. I dont have a camera so its gunna be a lil difficult.

First remove all electronics on the the center console. Do not remove the logicon as of yet, because you wont be able to until the dash is free to move around. Ill get to that later.

there is a total of 11 bolts holding the dash so if your missing one dont try to yank on it.

You'll have to remove the warning lights, and the cluster surroundings, along with the steering wheel, and the cover thats under the steering wheel.

once you have that out of the way, you can start unbolting things. And the bolts are at the following places. There are 2 where the vent connects to the door( donot remove the vernt you will break it) right after the vent there is a cover, take that out with a think flat head. Repeat on the pass. side. Now on the middle console if you look down( right next to where your right foot would be if you where driving) there is a rectangular plastic piece with one srew. remove that and you will find 2 10mm studs, remove those and repeat on pass side. thats 8 down. Now here come the tricky part. Now focus ontop of the dash, if you look closely you will see that there is a seam that goes along the whole dash. You need to pry this out, but first to need to take out a 5/16" bolt thats in the center where the defrost vents are. After you take that out you can start popping the clips of the top cover, where the seem is. Once the cover is out you can clearly see the 3 remaining screws. Now you have 11 10mm bolts, 2 12mm bolts, and one 5/16" screw. Now pull the dash slightly out, if you tilt the dash forward you could see a big white plug, remember the logicon, well once you unplug that you could take out the logicon. Right through the glove comp. hole you can see another big white plug, unplug that one and then theres 2 green ones by the instrument cluster. And your done. Now remove the dash and you are set.

I dont know what reasons you are removing the dash, but if you lookd at the a/c plenums, they are filthy. Which is normal for a 16 year old car. So I suggest to take the time to clean all of these things. I removed all of my a/c equipment, I might regret that later on, but thats why I got a convertable. This is also a good time to replace the speedo cable if its broken, and if you want to run misc wiring. But I guess thats all any problems then pm me or post it up.

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You forgot to mention what a joy it is to remove the dash. LOL

Yeah, when you remove the dash be sure to replace/ck everything you can possibly think of.

Yes, A/C coil is filthy and you'll know none of spray A/C cleaner will work unless you get to it and clean it physically, but carefully.

Drive safe and Sane
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