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Arrow Rotary Shack and other criminals
Originally Posted by 680rwhp12a View Post
if everybody knew my company, as you say"scams everybody" then why am i still in business? why is the shop full? why do i ship orders every day? can you clear this up for everybody? Why do members of the rx7 club continue to buy parts from me? Today I sent parts to Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Germany, Canada, New York and Australia to name just a few... if i was a "scammer" why would i bother sending anything? something does not make sense here buddy, you gotta admit it!

p.s. rx7roller posted one time in this thread and has not replied since. where did he go? back to his sheltered refuge , that's where! the way he dictates reminds me of Castro in many ways

Why you avoid to make the payments you agree to..?
Why you scammed people..? It doesn't mean you scammed to everyone
It doesn't work that way,You see you haven't learn yet.
Why you operate your business when you want ..?
The moderator doesn't need to respond to your answer because he came here as a neutral party and then tell the rotary community how your conduct your business Thats all.
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